The headless DXP
that’s ahead of the rest

Designed with content managers at its heart, Malible provides your marketing teams an intuitive, flexible, and seamless way to manage their web and mobile apps.

Trusted by enterprises

Digital Experience Management platform built for the users who use it the most!

While your typical DXP is built with the developers in mind, Malible is built for the people that actually create and manage your application's content and experience. Manage your application's status and versions with the click of a button. Design, iterate, and publish detailed product campaigns from a single platform.

Enterprise marketing teams, build better with Malible.

Multi-platform approach

Manage content and campaigns for all of your application’s platforms with the click of a button. Whether it’s web, mobile, or your own custom platform, your team can easily publish content to all of your available platforms.

Collaborative Workflow

Develop campaigns in parallel and fits seamlessly in your organization’s content review processes. Content editors have the ability to drop comments, make direct edits, approve campaigns, and preview the final look directly from the canvas.

Campaign Scheduling

Intuitively review, prioritize, and schedule multiple campaigns using Malible’s timeline.

Drag & Drop Page Builder

Drag and drop components, use out of the box templates, or import your Figma designs to start building within minutes.

Use the canvas to create complete content campaigns. Upload and save your entire content library so that all team members can uniformly pull them into pages they own.  

Import From Figma

Go from Figma files to full content campaigns in seconds.

Malible's custom Figma integration allows content managers to cherry pick design files directly from projects.
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